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Today, we're recognizing international human rights day

Let’s uphold human rights together

It’s here! The last day of the 16 days of activism for 2018. Today, on December 10th, also marks international Human Rights Day. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states “Human beings are born free and equal, both in rights and dignity.”

During the last 16 days, we’ve been taking a stand against interpersonal and gender-based violenceA phenomenon that is a threat to human rights for many people around the world.

We hope for a world where everyone the right to life, to live freely and safely without fear of being subject to any form of violence.

Throughout the 16 days we’ve acknowledged:

  • Gender-based violence is the most pervasive of human rights violations and a global pandemic. Its roots lie in the inequality and discrimination that disproportionately affects women, children, and gender minorities. Especially, those who don’t conform to accepted social and gender norms.
  • From contraceptive sabotage to the right to access reproductive and sexual healthcare, we’ve explored many ways human rights aren’t being upheld in our world today.

Women and girls will never achieve gender equality unless they have the right to control their own bodies

Upholding Human Rights takes all of us

We’ve mentioned before (and it’s written all over our website and social media) Ruam Chuay translated means “collective support.” If we each take one step individually, we create collective action that brings about change.

The declaration of human rights emphasizes equality, non-discrimination, and accountability. For this to work, each individual has to participate in it. We’re here to support advocates for change in our community. Collectively, we can work towards eliminating and preventing gender-based and sexual violence.

We’ve had conversations, now let’s take action

Our goal for this campaign was to start conversations to help us all understand interpersonal violence, trauma, and ways to advocate for social change better. Ultimately, with the idea that starting the conversation is the first step on the path to reducing gender-based and sexual violence.  

We need to teach boys consent from as an early as age as possible

Now, we’d like us to take it further and actually go beyond conversation into creating change.

We offer harm prevention workshops including interpersonal and intimate partner violence prevention programs in Thailand. Our signature workshop on consent geared towards high school and university students. We’re in the process of developing a few more workshops for workplaces and organizations as well.

4 ways you can make a difference with us

1. Refer us to  your school or workplace

If you’re interested in bringing a harm prevention program to your school or workplace. Connect us with counselors or administrators at your school. Get in touch with us here.

2. Participate in a facilitated discussion

Want to connect offline and in person? We run community-driven facilitated discussions. Basically, you get your people together and we’ll bring our expertise. Facilitated discussions are a unique way to address social issues in your community, in a structure and solution-driven format.

3. Spread the word

If you know someone who would be interested in collaborating with us or supporting the cause. Share our social pages and website with them! We just launched in August, and are slowly growing an engaged and vibrant community full of advocates for change and people who are passionate about making a difference. We’d love to connect with many more.

4. Join our community!

We’re releasing lots of new resources and hosting events in 2019. We’d love for you to be part of it all. To stay updated and join our community, sign up for our newsletter here:

Thank you all for following along on the 16 days of activism! We hope you’ll refer to all the different topics and posts we’ve put up. And, we look forward to bringing you more content soon!


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