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Giving Back Podcast and Ruam Chuay

A Chat with Rob Lowe about creating social change, consent, transforming conflict

We did a podcast interview!

Our founder, Monisha, was featured on the Giving Back Podcast with Rob Lowe. A podcast that “interviews the world’s most influential personalities who are committed to making our world a better place.”

You can listen to it here.

Rob’s goal is to inspire, uplift, and share stories for listeners who want to take action and create change in their community. He’s a wonderful interviewer and really dives and asks great questions so his listeners gain tangible insights from every episode.

On this episode, Monisha shared our story, how Ruam Chuay came to be, what happens at our workshops, and what the future holds us as our organization grows.

We also covered some key concepts that are central to our work:

Consent as a key ingredient in healthy relationships, how we define it and a growing understanding of this in practice

Harm Prevention by equipping our community with the vocabulary, skills, and tools to prevent sexual assault in their relationships and communities

We hope you’ll check out the episode and let us know what you think in the comments (or send us a message at

Also, if you enjoy the episode and want to hear more stories from changemakers from around the world, do subscribe to The Giving Back Podcast and listen to more!

Rob always brings the best, most meaningful stories of social change to light so you’ll always leave feeling inspired.

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