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Facilitated Discussions

Facilitated discussisons are a space where you can engage in productive and nuanced discussion on sensitive subjects with your community.

Facilitated Discussion: Navigating Healthy Relationships 

The topics for our facilitated discussion are tailored to the needs of your community. We provide the format and you invite the participants. We recommend each discussion has a minimum of 5 participants.

Simple in theory, a riddle in practice—but it doesn’t have to be that way

Interpersonal relationships are complex. A facilitated discussion provides an avenue for us to explore our existing ideas of what is a healthy relationship, what it isn’t, and how we can actually bring better practices into our lives. Opening up the floor to talk about our existing ideas and to support each other on a topic that is usually not talked about in the open.

You will leave the discussion with:
  • A better understanding of how your community feels on specific healthy relationship topic
  • A new approach you can use to address conflict and building consensus within your community 
  • Clarity on how to have safer and healthier relationships in your life 
Popular discussion topics include:
  • How to have more meaningful relationships
  • Ways approaches to conflict in the workplace, in your family, school, or community
  • Challenges in expressing personal boundaries and cross-cultural communication 
  • The best way to approach interpersonal and sexual violence in the workplace (or at schools)
  • Understanding the concept of consent and how to practice it