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Our team

Here are some of the people behind Ruam Chuay!

Monisha Bajaj

Our founder, Monisha Bajaj, started designing workshops, delivering talks, and harm prevention workshops for over 8 years.

Born and raised in Bangkok, she recognized the lack of discussion around sexual violence and sexual health in Thailand and wanted to help fill in the gaps. Monisha has an interdisciplinary background in restorative justice, trauma-informed care, business strategy, and digital operations. 

She was called upon as a national expert on addressing interpersonal violence in Thailand to deliver a guest lecture at the University of Oklahoma’s Graduate School of Social Work. She holds a BA from the University of Southern California, has training in paraprofessional counseling and crisis response, and holds a Restorative Justice certificate from Simon Fraser University.

Outside of Ruam Chuay, she is also a Strategy Execution Consultant and works with distributed and remote teams across the US, Europe, and Australia to optimize their strategy and operations. She helps unify people, processes, and tools as well as build trauma-informed cultures at work. She has consulted on complex production projects, including architecting $1M+ production engagement. 

Mamta Bajaj

Over the last 8 years, Mamta Bajaj has organized several campaigns to raise awareness of gender-based violence in Bangkok.

Mamta is a Clinical Traumatologist who specializes in counselling adults and families in South East Asia, to navigate their interpersonal relationships.

She has a Master of Science in Psychotherapy and Counseling. She also has certification in TITC-CT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and CBT for Depression from Beck Institute. She is a certified SMART Recovery Facilitator for addiction and addictive behaviors.

Outside of Ruam Chuay, she works actively with local and international philanthropic organizations to support community development initiatives and projects in Bangkok that work towards equal rights, taking urgent climate action, and increasing access to education.

Thank you!

We could not have done this without the support from our friends, family, and community. Thank you so much for helping us build Ruam Chuay.

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