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Why consent?

While consent seems straightforward in theory, it can feel like a puzzle in practice. 

Boiled down to the basics, it’s the concept of giving permission or receiving permission for something to happen. But taking this from theory to practice might feel unusual or challenging.

Some questions you may have: Are you always supposed to ask? Even if you’re in a relationship? What if someone is drunk? What if you both have been drinking? But, won’t it ruin the mood?

Ultimately, it takes all people involved in an interaction to respect each other and their boundaries. Given the prevalence of sexual violence and assault, we are aware that this isn’t always the case. It’s important we take the time to dig into this concept and tease it apart so we can prevent these harmful acts from taking place within our communities.

The best way to feel comfortable and safe in your intimate relationships is to address this subject directly.

That starts with being able to have open discussions about your personal boundaries, and those of your chosen partners. Since we’re not always taught how to have these conversations, it can be challenging to determine how to broach the subject or even what to say—especially in Thai culture, where the subject of sex is considered taboo and we may feel awkward bringing it up.

That’s why we’ve created workshops and talks like these and host facilitated discussions. We know it helps to feel comfortable with your knowledge on the subject, and to be considerate of others when having conversations about sensitive topics like this.

We also know it’s extremely important to be able to bring these topics up in your relationships and everyday life to keep you and your partners safe. We want to work together with you to help you learn how to have these productive conversations and to build your confidence and give you the tools to practice consent in your everyday life.

If we each learn and understand how to apply consent to our lives, we’re one step closer to preventing sexual assault and gender-based violence from happening within our communities—allowing all of us to have healthier relationships with the people around us.

Bring healthier relationship to your community, school, organization, or workplace.

We’re happy to tailor the workshop, discussion, or talk to fit your needs and specific issues that might be taking place within your community.


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