Ruam Chuay / Why We Are Here

We believe that everyone should be able to have happy and healthy relationships.

Today, gender-based violence is a danger to people’s well-being and safety.

Sexual assault and domestic violence is a problem that persists all over the world and Thailand is no exception.


A 2016 survey1 revealed:
45 %

of Thai men have admitted to physically hurting their spouses or girlfriends

42 %

of Thai men have admitted to forcing their partners to have sex with them while intoxicated

(1) Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation

Our team came together to break the silence and bring sexual violence prevention programs to Thailand

A comprehensive review of Thai Sexuality Education2 revealed:

Only 11-31% of students had asked their parents about sexual health issues

(2) Review of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Thailand, UNICEF

2 factors allow gender-based violence to persist:

The subject of sex is rarely discussed openly in Thai Society2

Gender equality, rights, and power are not covered consistently across Thai schools2



Equip our community with knowledge and tools to have healthy interpersonal relationships, with a specific focus on addressing gender-based violence.


Learn how to have meaningful relationships—empower yourself with knowledge and practical tools.


Let's break the silence. Productive conversations help us process complex ideas and grow as a community.


Having healthier relationships is an ongoing process that takes a lot of work. We're here to help.


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