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Workshops are an opportunity to develop stronger interpersonal skills through interactive exercises.  

Signature Workshop: Consent and Healthy Relationships

Practicing consent is a key ingredient to healthy interpersonal and intimate relationships. Understanding consent, in theory, can be easy. In practice, it can feel more challenging.

Without consent, it’s assault

Our signature workshop breaks down why gender-based violence exists, followed by an exploration of the concepts of bodily autonomy and consent. Through facilitated group discussions and breakout activities, we examine ways to identify and practice giving and receiving consent in many different contexts.

You will leave the workshop:
  • Confident in your knowledge of consent and bodily autonomy
  • Able to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors
  • Skills to practice consent and respecting others’ bodily autonomy in their daily life
To make this happen, we cover:
  • The 7 keys to consent
  • What gender-based violence is and why it is called “gender-based” violence
  • Why this type of violence exists within our society and what allows it to continue to exist
  • Scenarios that explore different ways to communicate consent

Facilitated Discussions