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Interrupt relationship violence with open conversations.

We get it.

Relationship violence — such as sexual assault or emotional abuse — is a sensitive subject. Safer sex and intimacy can feel awkward to talk about.

Both topics carry generations of stigma.

Yet, they’re a constant in everyday discourse.

For example: scandals in the news, politically-charged discussions, romantic movies, and explicit digital content. Plus teens and adults, passing intel through the grapevine.

Confusing, right? Worse, it can be harmful.

Public (and as a result, private) conversations about relationship violence and sex are often filled with mixed messages about what behaviors are safe and unsafe.

This confusion, sadly, allows relationship violence to continue to exist.

Together, we can change the conversation.

We believe in a world where everyone can create safer, more fulfilling relationships. Free from violence.

2 critical steps towards this are to have:

  1. Non-judgmental and clarifying conversations about what relationship violence is (and what it isn't). Along with the multiple factors that allow it to exist.
  2. Effective skills and systems to prevent and respond to harm.

This is how we can help you.

Ruam Chuay runs programs to equip schools and organizations to interrupt relationship violence.

We help you start open conversations and train students, staff, and leaders with skills to create safer relationships.

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Available Programs

Bring a violence interruption program to your school, workplace, or organization.

Create a safer school community.

Strengthen child safeguarding, and teach your community how to create safer relationships to prevent harm.
Bring in interactive workshops for high schools, parents, teachers, or staff.

Reduce harm at your organization or workplace.

Improve how you address harassment and abuse to create a safer, more welcoming workplace or community organization.
Bring in talks or interactive training for leadership and/or team members.

Respond appropriately to relationship violence.

Reduce the risk of perpetuating harm and be prepared in the event an incident does take place.
Bring in training for leadership to inform your school or organization’s incident response protocol with sensitivity to relationship violence.

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